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High Tech Business Incubator

Cutting-edge research and development

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We are research leaders in smart infrared sensors. Our technology development supports national security, industrial monitoring, public health, and renewable energy.

We strive to emulate the famous Bell Laboratories, whose many fundamental research contributions helped drive our nation's leadership in technology and manufacturing.

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Chic Color Graphic Block Long Hoodie Letter Sleeve Printed Goal

Bridge the gap between domestic research to proof of concept and commercialization of new technologies


Leaders in infrared materials science, semiconductors, nanotechnology, sensor systems and artificial intelligence


Infrared sensors, focal plane arrays, cameras, and information systems


Chic Sleeve Letter Printed Long Color Hoodie Graphic Block IR camera systems, custom-made smart cameras, and materials modeling capabilties


Color Sleeve Letter Long Hoodie Printed Block Chic Graphic Interdisciplinary team of renown scientists and engineers with decades of experience in numerous fields

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Wide range of technology collaborations within the DoD, DoE, and NASA


Gives back to the community promoting education in science and technology, internships, and job development

Long Hoodie Block Letter Graphic Printed Color Sleeve Chic Investment

Printed Sleeve Letter Graphic Chic Long Color Block Hoodie Invests in startup and young high-technology companies like Nuxutra, Xerion, Xaptum and Purchasing Platform

Commercial Products

Delivering technology from the page to prototypes.

We've developed new prototypes of high performance SWIR, MWIR and LWIR infrared cameras. Our expertise in MBE for both HgCdTe and III-V Type-II super-lattices yield top-quality sensor materials. Our groundbreaking colloidal quantum dot based cameras provide high sensitivity and speed at a extremely low cost.

Our smart cameras utilize multi-spectral and hyper-spectral infrared sensors. Medical prototypes include bio-sensors and smart cameras for triage. Real-time image processing with AI-enhancements provide maximum visual quality and information density at high speed.
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We also offer a range of modeling and simulation expertise that we've proudly used in collaboration with many industry leaders.

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Latest News

Asset sale to Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS recently acquired facilities and equipment developed by EPIR to further products in HgCdTe based infrared cameras

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White House Honors Dr. Sivalingam

White House Honors
Dr. Sivalingam "Siva" Sivananthan as an Entrepreneurial Champion of Change

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Colloidal Quantum Dots

Sleeve Color Block Printed Chic Letter Graphic Hoodie Long Recently published new results from our MWIR CQD based cameras showing 100mK NEDT

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ASTRO-H was launched into space

Exciting news for the Sivananthan Laboratories group of companies. ASTRO-H was launched into space on Feb. 17, 2016 and it includes x-ray calorimeters made from material fabricated at EPIR Technologies.

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Letter Chic Printed Block Color Long Sleeve Hoodie Graphic Community Outreach

Sivananthan Laboratories has teamed with Leave No Veterans Behind to engage Chicago-area students in technology-focused educational opportunites, like solar cell fabrication and the constructuion of solar-powered cell phone chargers.

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